Book Review: Get Coding Kids!

Right, which book is number one on Amazon in the programming category?


Some fancy Java guide the size of a small house? A Python book to make PhD computer scientists cry? Some new language you must learn but have never heard of?

No, it’s Get Coding from Walker Books. A kid’s & everyone guide to HTML, CSS & Javascript. And you know what, it’s brilliant.


Why am I reviewing a kid’s book? Long answer follows. Application security & best practice programming is vital in cyber security. I don’t know a lot about programming – I’m covering that off at university next year. Plus, I like the web & want to focus on it.

Enter this book. It’s a colourful work book, with a tonne of explanations, illustrations & exercises. It’s clear, concise & the story is very funny.

HTML, CSS & javascript are essential skills to have. Basically, you need to know them. If you don’t – this is a great place to start. It answers all the questions you were too shy to ask. There’s explanations on everything from HTML tags to how to tell your browser you’re now writing javascript.

I was stunned by the scope of this book & how it effortlessly introduces the core skills any web developer needs.

You got all the tag stuff of course. You got the style sheet madness – in a good level of detail. And, a great introduction to javascript itself.

But, on top of that you have talk of iframes, APIs & wireframing….what more could you ask? Plus, the exercises are fun & part of a funny little story that carries on through the book.

I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re worried about picking up kid’s book – forget it – we all learn in different ways & sometimes approaching like a kid is perfect. For them, learning needs to be interesting & fun. This cool book is both. It’s also backed up by a snazzy website.

Check it out if you’re interested!

Get Coding Book

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