Salesforce World & a New Job

My new role started in April so I’m well into my induction. The great thing about it is the scope of the role – I look after more systems & different types of systems which is great experience for me.

I’m also involved in diverse project work, from biometrics & GDPR to becoming an IT contact for our legal team. A great chance to learn new stuff & pursue my interest in data & cyber security.

My Open University studies have finished for this year – that completes my 2nd year in computing – into third year modules next – that will be user design & a system management module. This year has been focused on web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc) & project management.

So, what about this Salesforce thing.


Well, I don’t have shares in Salesforce or anything but it must be simply the best ‘industry type showy show’ thing I’ve ever been to. Firstly, it’s massive. This image isn’t mine & it’s just one of the halls.

Secondly, it’s almost like a cult….maybe a better way to describe it would be religion. There are thousands of people, literally queuing to get in. Everyone tied into this platform. Their jobs. Their careers…their futures via an online training tool. It’s amazing. But it’s not all hot air. It really is a cool system & one that has more features added every year. Can anyone stop Salesforce taking over the CRM world? Maybe MS Dynamics? I@m not sure.

A great way to celebrate my new job.  I don’t go to many shows but there’s a info security one next year that I’m not going to miss. I went last year as an excited civvie. This year hopefully, I’ll feel more part of the team!

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