Random resources that I’m sure I’ll shuffle around some day:

This is one of the company’s that got me interested in cyber security. They don’t know who the hell I am but I’ve read all their brochures. I’m like a secret admirer. What they do is pretty innovative. And, if you want to have a look at the cutting edge then check out their site or brochures.

Darktrace – super mysterious producers of security stuff

I met one of the Professors at a industry event. Nice bloke. Looks like a good programme if you’re into that sort of thing. I went to a party years ago at the Royal Holloway campus – a good time was had by all. If you are looking post-grad stuff, might be worth a looksee.

MSc Brainbox Qualification

I can’t believe I’m linking this but it really is good. It’s part of the Department of Homeland Security in the US. There aren’t many places on the web where you get a full list of terms & what they mean. Here’s an example:

Password – Definition: A string of characters (letters, numbers, and other symbols) used to authenticate an identity or to verify access authorisation.

I always knew I was going wrong somewhere. Whenever I was asked for a password, I usually just type ‘password’. Anyway, enough banter, here’s the linksie:

The Dark Empire of Homeland Security

I wasn’t always running a cyber-security website. No sir, I used to do other stuff as well. Here is my previous website. Still some stuff to look at here so if you are interested in survival blogs, zombies or aliens (who isn’t?) then give it a whirl.

Zombie Author Type Website Thingy

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