Career Planning Part 2

Back in January, I did some career planning. Many things were changing at work & I wanted to get my plans tidied up.

Well, I went for a security role & that didn’t work out. I got some great feedback & ended up being offered another role in our IS&T team – a role that gives me the chance to learn in all the key areas I need to.

I’ll be the systems administrator for a number of key systems across our business & have special responsibility for some of our central teams such as Legal & Communications. I’ll be working on data projects, Saleforce projects & other stuff that I really enjoy.

So, a really positive move for me.

Much of this change is driven by a new CIO who seems to have re-invigorated the team & business.  He’s certainly given me a new opportunity.

Long-term, my ambition is still in cyber-security & I’m reviewing my long-term plans to ensure I take this into account. And this role moves me into IS&T & gives me the chance to gain skills in all the right places!

Just a short blog for this month to share this news. One final point. Get yourself a good mentor. Mine won’t read this but I’ve had a mentor within IS&T helping me every step of the way. She’s been a guide in all kinds of areas & has been central to me getting this position. I can’t say how important it is to get an insightful mentor.



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