Desert Survival Blog

Back in 2014 I spent 7 days on a desert survival adventure. I’ve collected the various clips from different YouTube accounts so they’re all together.

So,  why did I head out into the Sinai alone?

2014-04-29 09.24.58.mp4_000000838

Well, firstly, I wasn’t completely alone. I had Bedouin guides although I did spend many days alone. The guides are a legal requirement in Egypt & helped me find the right locations.

They also teach you about the desert & help you notice things you’d miss. I did a few days trekking with a guide as well as surviving alone on a nearby mountain top.

2014-04-29 10.56.40

I know this probably sounds like hell for most but I’m some will understand. Being alone in the wilderness, lighting fires, making camps, a hostile environment, a stunning landscape – what’s not to love. I should also mention that the Bedouin are amazing people – that’s partly why I couldn’t do the adventure completely solo. In desert lore, if you see someone alone, you check on them to see if everything is OK – so I have a lot of visitors!

2014-04-29 14.40.22.mp4_000036383

Anyway, I remember keeping a written blog as I have on previous adventures but I’m not sure folks read these anymore so here are the video blogs, unedited, raw, sometimes difficult to hear but I great reminder for me of a wonderful adventure in a location now pretty much closed to outsiders.2014-05-01 17.40.37

OK – some video entries from back in 2014!

Day One Desert Survival Blog

Day Two Desert Survival Blog

And so on – if you’re interested, you’ll be able to follow the 7 day adventure. At the end of it, after some rough nights, dodgy water & considerable weight-loss, I emerged & met my wife for week’s holiday…..much needed!

2014-04-29 15.33.50

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