The ‘Diamond of Unwelcomeness’

I’ve read a lot about cyber security on my journey so far & I think I’ve already mentioned that many debates are dominated by the on-going theme that the industry needs more people….fair enough……

However, I have to say, they don’t make it easy.

I’d be classified as a career changer – a general business/IT project managery type of person, shifting some of his focus to cyber & data security. But, trying to find your way through the jungle is just so confusing.

I present here what I call the ‘Diamond of Unwelcomeness’ which shows just how unwelcoming the profession really is to newcomers & career changers….


(To help us (& this is only from a selfish point of view!) there are regular ‘women in cyber’ sessions to which I can’t really go.)

Qualifications, Training & Standards – don’t get me started here. Never have I come across such a confusing nexus of industry standards, associations & qualifications. I’m a member of BCS but there are about 4 other industry groups you could join – it would cost you a fortune to join all of them…

Barriers to First Jobs – Accountants have it good don’t they – CIMA/ACCA – a recognised path…everything I think we are missing. My solution is to look for the cyber security elements in my current role & that is working really well.

Apologies if this all sounds a bit grim…if you’re new like me you also find conventions full of these folks:

Type As – glossy sales people on stands who know all the lingo but have a surprisingly shallow knowledge of the industry & technology.

Type Bs – industry old-hands who have been in it for years. There’s not much you can tell these guys & most of them used to code.

Type Cs – network & helpdesk folks – they’re big on the technical side – they know how to configure a firewall. This is their domain & they don’t want it de-mystified too much..

I say this all slightly tongue in cheek – you kinda get this with every professional. But, I hope there are also some serious points in here.

I’ll keep on chipping away & keep you posted on how I get on.

If I disappear, you’ll know I’ve probably been taken out by one of the industry associations in a revenge attack…



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