Four Types of Cybercrime

Let’s start with four. More are available. There are more sub-divisions than there are branded coffee outlets in London.

Personally, I’d never heard of malvertising but it’s a big problem in India at the moment. Identify theft we are all aware of but how many of us really take this seriously. I always imagine someone coming up to you in the street & talking about your most personal information – all stuff you’ve shared online.

Cyberstalking – a nasty, very personal attack which can be motivated by money or something even worse.

Spam & Phishing – team this one up with a bit of social engineering & it’s like finding an irritated scorpion in your sleeping bag that was in a real bad mood even before you sat on him. Just one click, that’s all it took. So convincing. Click on the mysterious link, go on, we’re friends now – Clickie Click Here

(Note to my few readers – yeah things are a bit simple at the moment on my blog. Yeah there are lines in the drawings. That’s just how it is. I’ll keep updating the site as I learn stuff but if you’re an MSc student from somewhere or a 20 year security veteran who knows what a container is, hey you’re not gonna learnt a lot here.)

Here’s a graphic to summarise what’s in my brain:

New Picture (3)



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